What is... ?







Gimini :
Gimini is a Mindmap creation tool. It let the user create Mindmap, and support Loading/Saving/Importing/Printing (not yet).
Gimini is programmed in Python using wxPython.


wxPython :
wxPython is a blending of the wxWindows C++ class library with the Python programming language


wxWindows :
wxWindows is a Cross-Plateform GUI Library


a Mindmap :
A mind map consists of a central word or concept, around the central word you draw the 5 to 10 main ideas that relate to that word. You then take each of those child words and again draw the 5 to 10 main ideas that relate to each of those words.
In this way an exponential number of related ideas can quickly be produced with virtually no mental effort.
what you can do with a mindmap : Note taking, creative writing, report writing (in a word organized writing), prepare a talk, give a talk (reading the keywords when needed).
The technic of mindmapping was invented by Tony Buzan. Check its web site.